Friday, August 05, 2005

Volume will not mount after upgrade to NW65SP3

The following information is taken from TID's and a customer issue that I'd like to pass on:

Customer upgraded server from NetWare 6.5 SP2 to SP3 and now they cannot mount their volumes. They cannot see their volumes.

ERROR: Partition size exceeds device capacity.

SYS volume will mount but will deactivate quickly

Symptoms very similar to TID 10093547

Customer using IBM Hardware or Dell Hardware with PERC2.HAM and PERC2.CDM drivers v2.80
Dell PowerEdge 2650
IBM X series server model 225, 235, 345
This has been seen using the SCSIHD.HAM drivers also.

Error appears upon reboot and then the server hangs

TROUBLESHOOTING: back rev the perc2.ham and perc2.ddi or scsihd.ham and scsihd.ddi to nw65sp2 level drivers. This has worked on several servers.

Cause: One possible cause is that the new .HAM drivers fixed a problem in reported capacity, but the partitions have not yet been updated to accept the correct values.

Fix and Solution:
Run the PARTFIX.NLM utility with the /s switch first, then to repair use the /r switch.
Or check with Novell Support or myself to obtain the latest PARTFIX utility.

Once partfix is run, do a MM SCAN FOR NEW PARTITIONS to allow Media Manager to find the new partition, then do LIST PARTITIONS (look at the logger screen for output).

Also see TID 10096719 - Cannot see Pools after upgrading.

- Bucky

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