Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I Want GroupWise!

Feeling pressure to move away from GroupWise and Novell? Check this web site out!


Novell GroupWise is a cross-platform, corporate e-mail system that provides secure messaging, calendaring, scheduling, and instant messaging. GroupWise also includes task management, contact management, document management, and other productivity tools. GroupWise can be used on your desktop at work, in a Web browser anywhere you have an Internet connection, and even on wireless devices. Your GroupWise system can run on NetWare, Linux, Windows, or any combination of these operating systems. GroupWise users can access their mailboxes from desktops running Linux, Windows, or Macintosh; in a Web browser anywhere an Internet connection is available; and even on wireless devices.

Did you know with GroupWise 7, it's very easy to use GroupWise as a backend system to MS Outlook?

Take a look at the GroupWise 7 links through this website.

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