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NetWare iSCSI initiator configuration

NetWare 6.5
iSCSI Configuration


iSCSI Configuration
Novell Remote Manager. Click on iSCSI Services link and get the following error:
Action Failure
Error: Unauthorized access denied.


Goal: to configure the iSCSI Initiator on NetWare

From NetWare console: Enter ION (ion.ncf)
From Novell Remote Manager:
Click iSCSI Services link.
Click Add Target and type the IP Address of the iSCSI target.

Action Failure
Error: Unauthorized access denied.


Collected iSCSI Information:
iSCSI Target IP:
iSCSI Target Name: nasiscsi

Added the following commands in SYS:\SYSTEM\AUTOEXEC.NCF

iscsinit connect nasiscsi

From NetWare Console type:
:scan for new devices

From Novell Remote Manager continue to configure and partition NetWare NSS Pools and resources

Click on Partition Disks
Add NetWare Pool

Add NetWare Volume

Mount Volume from NetWare Console


Run the NSS Management Utility from the NetWare Console

VMWARE Virtual machine CPU usage spikes and remains abnormally high

Virtual machine CPU usage spikes and remains abnormally high

Starting with ESX Server 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.5, VMware DRS applies a cap to the memory overhead of virtual machines to control the growth rate of this memory. VMware DRS raises this cap at a controlled rate (1MB per minute, by default) to grant the required memory until the virtual machine overhead memory reaches a steady-state and as long as there are sufficient resources available on the host.

However, for VirtualCenter 2.5, this cap is not increased to satisfy the virtual machine's steady-state demand as expected. Thus, the virtual machine operates with an overhead memory that is less than its desired size, which in turn may lead to higher observed virtual machine CPU usage and lower virtual machine performance in a VMware DRS-enabled cluster.

VMWARE Knowledge Base KB # 1003638

Visual Studio TFS Data Warehouse isn't refreshing, EventID 3000

Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server
MS Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2 32 Bit

TFS Data Warehouse isn't refreshing, EventID 3000

Every hour data is pulled to refresh the data warehouse. It picks up the EVENT ID 3000
Event ID: 3000 Event Source: TFS Warehouse Exception Message: XML parsing failed at line 1, column 0: A document must contain exactly one root element. Stopped on Saturday. Drive Space issue was corrected but still not working. Saturday we ran out of disk space.

Rebuild TFS Relational Data Warehouse ; SetupWarehouse

Detailed Actions:
• Step 1
To rebuild the warehouse, log in with a local admin account or domain admin account
1) Log into SQL management studio and delete the TfsWareshouse from both the database engine and analysis services
2) Switch to a command prompt and run the following:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server\Tools\SetupWarehouse.exe /setup /install -n -s "dataserver" -d "TFSWarehouse" -c "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server\Tools\warehouseschema.xml" -ra "domain\tfsreports" -a "domain\tfsservice" -v –l
Then we will need to run the warehouse

• Step 2
Find Username
http://localhost/reports ; SQL Server Reporting Services ; TFS Support
Credentials stored = Username = JDNET\tfsservice

• Step 3 Rebuild TFS Warehouse and OLAP

• Step 4 in IIS Manager
IIS Manager ; Team Foundation Server ; Warehouse ; v1.0 ; warehousecontroller.asmx
Right Click ; Run ControllerService ; Press Invoke button ; Run
Received WarehouseStatus = Idle

Still received EventID: 3000
The hierarchy '[System_Id]' was nout found in the cube when the string, [Work Item].[System_Id], was parsed.

• Step 5
Copy TfsVersionControl ; Extended Properties ; TFS_INSTANCE Value
and pasted to Database Properties TFSWharehouse and added TFS_INSTANCE Value
Once again Run ControllerService was run and received status of Idle
• Step 6 Consult with other engineer and examined Work Item (dbo.Work Item) through MS Visual Studio Code
This time Rebuild only OLAP instead of rebuilding TFSWharehouse and OLAP

• Step 7 GetWarehouseStatus - this time changed: Status = RunningAdapters

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