Thursday, December 22, 2005

Try the latest KDE 3.5 without recompiling SuSE 10

Do you want to take the latest KDE 3.5 Desktop for a ride, but don't know where to turn to get more information on uprading your desktop? If you're a SuSE user you're in luck! Not only does SUSE make it easy in general to upgrade programs with its YaST system administration program, SUSE is one of the few distributions for which there are already pre-complied binary packages so you don't need to compile the desktop yourself.

Read more in this article by Steven J. Vaughan Nichols

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

SuSE Linux - Business Class vs Consumer Class

I recently had a conversation with Mike, the local Novell Category Specialist on the differences between SLES and NLD vs SuSE Linux. He told me the same answers that are in this Novell Cool Solutions document written by Rick Holzer.


The initial differences between SUSE Linux (previously called SUSE Linux Professional) and Novell Linux Desktop (NLD) / SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) are listed here:

"Effectively, NLD and SLES have a long life cycle of seven years, which is guaranteed. While SUSE Linux has a short life cycle where we offer a "tradition" (not a guarantee) of security fixes for two years.

Because of this long life cycle, software vendors and hardware vendors will certify their SUSE Linux products against SLES and NLD, which is not done for SUSE Linux. Furthermore, Novell will not open a support ticket on SUSE Linux for the same reason."

  • NLD is a sub set of SUSE Linux. NLD does not include any server packages.
  • NLD and SLES do not include any beta packages.
  • NLD is better integrated than SUSE Linux. An example would be that when one clicks on a link in an email in NLD, the appropriate application will open for that link. This can be done with SUSE Linux, but you have to set it up.
  • SLES is a subset of SUSE Linux. SLES does not include any desktop productivity packages, just server packages.
  • SLES is refined to meet ISV certification requirements, as well as has minor addons such as an LDAP configuration module in YaST.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

How to enable Linux Remote Administration

Remote Linux administration is easier than ever before! Linux Author Emmett Dulaney walks you through the set-up process using SuSE as an example.


Friday, December 09, 2005

Installing SuSE Linux 10 on a Laptop

Earlier I posted two links on SuSE Linux 10 Step by Step Install.
I'm adding this great article by Steven J. Rosen about installing SuSE Linux 10.0 on a laptop which includes information on getting a Wireless card to work with the NDISWrapper.


"All in all, SUSE Linux 10.0 OSS is the best Linux system I've used. It's easy to install and has a large selection of both desktop and server software. It has been extremely stable during my use. It is clearly an excellent choice for Linux beginners, with its fine documentation, easy installation, and comprehensive graphical configuration tools, while also offering software selection and powerful tools for the experienced user. So stop reading this article and get busy -- go get SUSE Linux and install it!" - Steven

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Novell eDirectory Questions and Answers

Every few months Novell releases the eDirectory Q & A list. This is an excellent document. It's like being in a room with a Novell Engineer and just listening to a Q & A session. Anyone who administers Novell eDirectory will learn something from this document.

Here are a few examples:
The list goes on and on so make sure you take a few minutes and examine some of these excellent documents.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Just say No to Microsoft

Slashdot - Check out this new book, "Just Say No to Microsoft: How to Ditch Microsoft and Why It's Not as Hard as You Think".

Read more

And check out Get Off Microsoft!

"For many people who don't know better, they expect that a blue screen of death and monthly patching is part of a standard computing environment. Just Say No to Microsoft: How to Ditch Microsoft and Why It's Not as Hard as You Think is an interesting read that will open the eyes of those users to a cheaper, more secure and robust open source solution.

The books main charges are that Microsoft has been far too predatory and that Bill Gates is not the technical genius that he is made out to be. Microsoft's questionable business tactics are not without ethical lapses, but it must noted that Microsoft is simply one in a long line of companies that have used their size and deep pockets to quash the competition. Microsoft is not alone and joins companies such as American Airlines, Ford and General Motors, Wal-Mart and more that have engaged in practices that while good for their stockholders, have not been good for the competition.

Two of the companies that Microsoft has been accused of destroying are Novell and WordPerfect. Yet much of the blame for the demise of these two companies goes to their management that did not know how to properly market their products nor deal with a competitor such as Microsoft. This is not meant to imply that Microsoft is blameless, rather that Novell and WordPerfect had plenty of opportunities to fend off Microsoft, yet did not rise to the challenge."

I'm all for using alternatives to Microsoft!
- Bucky

Monday, December 05, 2005

Have you seen the new Toolbox for NetWare? TBX.NLM

I was reading fellow IT Blogger SysAdmin1138's blog about Toolbox and then read one of the comments from Alex. Toolbox has been replaced with TBX.NLM. This is a very cool utility and acts like a quick DOS or Linux type shell to manage NetWare files. This utility ships with NetWare 6.5 and I was surprised that even while working at Novell, I never knew about this.

Read more from TID 10099359

On NetWare 6.5:
To get a list of commands, load TBX.NLM then type "?" or "tools" or "man".

Also while you're at it check out CPQFM.NLM originally from Compaq. This is a must have for managing files direct from the NetWare console.

- Bucky

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Novell 4 Q Earnings surpassed expectations

Earnings are out. I stated earlier today that analysts expected Novell to earn 3 cents per share for the quarter on $300.39 million in revenue; and 9 cents per share for the year on $1.18 billion in revenue.

In after hours trading Novell shares rose to $7.90 after Novell said it lost $5 million, or a penny per share on revenue of $320.3 million. Excluding charges, Novell would have earned $33 million, or 7 cents a share.

Revenue was up. Sales of Novell's version of Linux are finally getting off the ground, increasing by about 400% year over year, while total sales and operating profitability are greater than they've been in some time

I expect Novell shares will climb in the next few days.

- Bucky

Novell 4 Q Earnings Report Due Today Dec 1

Novell reports its fiscal fourth quarter earnings today after market close. Analysts expect the Waltham, Mass.-based networking software maker to earn 3 cents per share for the quarter on $300.39 million in revenue; and 9 cents per share for the year on $1.18 billion in revenue.

Novell laid off officially 600 employees last quarter (I know it was more than 600) in restructering plans. They also announced Ron Hovsepian as President. Ron has a great reputation in and out of Novell. I hope this helps their management pains. They've lost some great Open Source management this last quarter.

The biggest problem in a nutshell is the legacy NetWare business is falling faster than the growth business of Open Source and Identity Mangement is able to keep up with. Novell technology is great and I think it's awesome that they have acquired SuSE and Ximian, two leading Open Source companies. The strategy of creating Open Enterprise Server, the mix of NetWare and Linux is great. It makes it much easier for Legacy NetWare Administrators like myself to ease into Open Source. We get the same Browser Based Management products and eDirectory to work with Linux. Very nice Novell!

However what about the customers that have no strategy to go Open Source? For example one of my former customers, EDAW headquartered in San Francisco with an operation here in Denver, had no wish to go Open Source and this fueled the fire to drop Novell and go Microsoft. I see this happening too often. In the next two years EDAW will be migrating from Novell and GroupWise to Microsoft and Exchange.

Still I think the TCO to go Open Source and stick with Novell is a sound strategy. I have hope in Novell. Yes I'm a Novell Supporter! Now if Novell can get their Management and Marketing Strategy in place I will have more warm fuzzies for the future.

I'll post the Novell Fourth Quarter year end here later today.

- Bucky