Monday, December 05, 2005

Have you seen the new Toolbox for NetWare? TBX.NLM

I was reading fellow IT Blogger SysAdmin1138's blog about Toolbox and then read one of the comments from Alex. Toolbox has been replaced with TBX.NLM. This is a very cool utility and acts like a quick DOS or Linux type shell to manage NetWare files. This utility ships with NetWare 6.5 and I was surprised that even while working at Novell, I never knew about this.

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On NetWare 6.5:
To get a list of commands, load TBX.NLM then type "?" or "tools" or "man".

Also while you're at it check out CPQFM.NLM originally from Compaq. This is a must have for managing files direct from the NetWare console.

- Bucky

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Matt Ray said...

Bucky, where do you get the new TBox? Or is it not released yet?