Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PALM OS RIP - It's been fun!

Today Ed Colligan (Palm CEO) talked to investors about the state of Palm and what some of their plans are going forward.

There will be
no more PalmOS devices released by Palm (except the Centro getting released on other carriers). They're focused on webOS and Windows Mobile.

On the issue of
PATENTS, Colligan made sure to note that there are no pending legal actions with Apple right now. He noted that Palm has 15 years worth of patents (over 1500 of them in total) and that in patent fights often go like this.

I finally got rid of my PALM OS Device (Palm Treo 700P) last week. More on that later... It seems just in time too. Good Luck to PALM with the new WebOS and the new Palm Pre due out later this year with Sprint, and with other carriers in 2010