Sunday, April 30, 2006

Update to Novell Client 4.9 AppNote

Earle Wells from Novell Support recently updated his excellent AppNote on the Novell Client. - See May 25, 2005 Blog

AppNote: Novell Client 4.9 SP2 : Initialization, Login and Settings

Obtain the latest Novell Client for Windows and all related patches from the Novell Wiki Pages

Novell Client for Windows Wiki
Novell Client for Linux Wiki

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Linux big in China... but what about Microsoft.

Linux Desktop is set to take off, according to Novell's Ron Hovsepian. "Hovsepian believes that Novell's software--he pointed to his company's own forthcoming Suse Linux Desktop 10--has matured enough that three markets will be interested.

First are large corporate users with employees who don't need full-featured PCs but rather just basic software such as a Web browser. Second are small business owners who see the savings from Windows license fees going straight to their own wallets. Third are residents of Brazil, Russia, India and China--the so-called BRIC countries--who are price-sensitive and who haven't already made a big investment in Windows, he said. China in particular is interesting because of pressure to curtail Windows piracy, Hovsepian said. "

However, just today, Chinese President Hu Jintao met with Bill Gates and company and toured the Redmond facilities. Microsoft announced deals that will ensure its Windows operating system will be featured in millions of PCs sold in the world's largest country. Microsoft and Lenovo announced a $1.2 billion dollar deal that will allow Lenovo to ship computers in China with MS Windows.

So does this mean that this deal will slow the growth of Linux as a desktop operating system? Perhaps, but with the Anti-Piracy policies in place and enforced by the Government, there is room for Microsoft and Linux. Even with Microsoft's huge discounted OS on Lenovo, there are still hundreds of other PC clones in China and Taiwan, not to mention other parts of Asia. Linux as a desktop is still a legitimate alternative with lower cost.

I think another issue is that Microsoft is opening itself up once again to negative publicity and image issues. Microsoft will continue to be the big bully. Hey... they are the monopoly. But I believe Linux, and Novell SUSE Linux in particular, have made huge strides with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) 10. Now it remains to be seen if Novell can get revenue from Linux. But a huge part of the battle is penetration. It's going to be interesting how this plays out.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Red Hat Buys JBoss, Eyes on Novell...and Oracle

The Open Source landscape has altered a bit, and is changing every day. It seems like everyone wants to get a piece of the action. First, not just a week ago, Microsoft will be supporting Linux on their Virtual Server, and they started a Linux / Open Source Website. Then Red Hat declared on Monday that it's buying JBoss, the leading Application Server Environment for Open Source. People were wondering what Novell was going to do next since the the talk was that Novell was looking at buying JBoss as well. Novell includes JBoss technology with SLES and the new SUSE Linux 10. Novell also allows calls through their Tech Support lines. What's going to happen to Novell now?

Well we may not have to wait long. Oracle, the second largest software company in the world is now looking into providing an Oracle flavor of Linux. In fact they are seriously looking in the direction of Novell to provide this.

This would be a great equalizer not only to the Open Source arena, but the entire software industry as a whole. Novell has great software. Oracle has great software and good marketing. Larry Ellison of Oracle is very envious of Microsoft and wants to take 'em on.

Wait I'm having Deja Vu! I've been here before! Ray Noorda bought WordPerfect and.... well let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.

- Bucky

Oracle Confirms Ellison has sights on Novell

Friday, April 07, 2006

Are we really getting along?

I think it must be near the end of the world! Yesterday I couldn't believe my eyes as I read two stories.

First: Microsoft shocked the world when it announced that its Virtual Server R2 free will support Red Hat and SUSE Linux. Microsoft will take support calls and is announcing a web site.

Second: Apple is coming out with "Boot Camp" software which will allow a Macintosh with an Intel Processor to run Microsoft Windows. Users can dual boot either MACOS X, or Microsoft Windows ... on a MAC!

I had to look around the neighborhood to make sure Dogs and Cats were not playing together. I think there is a scripture in the Bible about the Lamb lying next to the Lion. Somebody pinch me.

- Bucky

Essay on why we love to hate Microsoft - by Bucky

What goes around, comes around - What a tangled web we weave

A Nod of Thanks to Uncle Ray

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

SLED - SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

A couple of weeks ago I included a link to some MS Windows Vista images, so I thought it only fair to include a link to Novell's Preview Website to show a few images from their newly announced Desktop - SLED. Novell is dropping the Novell name out of the Enterprise Desktop. Instead of Novell Linux Desktop 10 it will be called SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10.

SLED 10 is "a comprehensive, full-function desktop containing technology innovations and usability breakthroughs including enhanced power management, integrated desktop search, high-performance graphical interfaces and numerous application improvements based on open source innovation."

Novell just released these SLED 10 Series of Videos