Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Novell Client 4.9 SP2: Initialization, Login and Settings

This excellent AppNote article by Earle Wells in NTS describes the operation of the Novell Client, from boot-up of the machine, through the user login. It discusses how the Client uses defined protocols to locate resources and authenticate a user. It also contains a comprehensive listing of the various settings available to control the behavior of the Client.

Keep this AppNote handy for future reference.


* The Novell Client Initialization and Login Process
Machine Boot -- The First Steps
Tree, Server and Context Settings in the Novell Client
What Happens Next

* Novell Client Settings
Client Tab
Location Profiles Tab
Advanced Login Tab
Service Location Tab
Advanced Settings Tab
Advanced Menu Settings Tab
Default Capture Tab
Protocol Preferences Tab
LDAP Contextless Login Tab
Single Sign-on Tab
DHCP Settings Tab
DSCAT Contextless Login Tab
Update Agent Tab
Keys not settable via Client Properties

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