Monday, June 06, 2005

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AppNote: Configuring an IPsec Tunnel between NBM and NSM

Novell Security Manager, powered by Astaro, is the latest offering from Novell in perimeter security. NSM offers packet filtering, intrusion detection, virus and spam filtering, and content filtering, along with VPN services. In addition to PPTP- and L2TP- over-IPsec-based VPN, Novell Security Manager 5.1 also offers IPsec-based VPN service. If NSM 5.1 is deployed in any environment where it needs to securely communicate with an NBM 3.8 server, then a site-to-site (S2S) VPN connection can be established between the two.

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Novell Security Manager Overview

Novell Security Manager, powered by Astaro, is a comprehensive, integrated, and easy to manage Network security solution. It is built on a Linux kernel, using Novell SUSE LINUX. The Linux core for Security Manager is "hardened," and it is installed and updated automatically.

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Use Spell Check to Save Some Typing

Having to repeatedly type long phrases or words (like technical, scientific or medical terms) is boring. Read how Mike Brady uses Spell Check to save some typing. To read this article visit

Consultant's Corner: GroupWise Domain Design - Part 1

Best Practice is a consultant's mantra. Best Practice is the lessons that were learned either from implementing a solution or from supporting a solution. Best Practice in GroupWise comes from the user community, their successes and failures. It comes from Novell product development and support. And in a consultant's case it also comes from their peers experiences. All of these sources and their information are rolled into Best Practice.

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Understanding Junk Mail Handling in GroupWise 6.5 - Part 3

Junk Mail Handling is enabled in ConsoleOne under Tools|GroupWise Utilities|Client Options|Environment. As we discussed in Part 1, before it’s advisable that you have a SPAM protection solution in-place before enabling Junk Mail Handling. And then once Junk Mail Handling is enabled, it’s also advisable that you set a limit to the amount of time users can retain mail that has been moved to their Junk Mail Folder.

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Novell iChain Presentations from BrainShare 2005

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SecureLogin Scripting Techniques

SecureLogin automatically logs a user in to an application. A SecureLogin script can be used to define the Login dialog for an application, including the insertion of the user ID and password. Scripting determines the rules behind what to type in, where and when. Basically, it provides a set of logical commands for putting the ID and Password into an application.

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Advanced Technical Training

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