Monday, June 06, 2005

Monthly News Letter June 2005

"Leveraging Novell technology gives us reliability, stability and performance. Only Novell gives us the ability to maintain our network with an extremely small IT staff. Our new identity management capabilities increase our network manageability, as well as our return on investment." Russell Seibert, Senior Network Engineer, Penn Hills School District

This newsletter is a collection of information from Novell. It is provided to give you insight on how Novell can help.

What is the benefit to you? The biggest benefit is it provides links into Novell's website that can provide you with more information. Information that will help you pro-actively plan and manage your network environment; links where you can find tools, answers and solutions.


Novell Remote and Managed Services

Your network must be available 24x7, and that kind of uptime requires vigilance. Overlooked performance issues can eventually monopolize your IT staff, limit productivity and result in downtime. With demands already high on both your staff and shrinking budget, you need a way to reliably monitor and manage your Novell and Linux systems.

Who better than Novell to expertly manage these technologies? Novell Remote and Managed Services provides proactive monitoring—and even onsite management—to ensure your Novell technologies and leading-edge Linux systems are always running smoothly. These services help you make the most of your technology investments and your IT staff.

For more information on Remote and Managed Services, visit

OS Migration

For many companies, OS migration is a never-ending cycle that eats up enormous amounts of money and IT personnel time.

You may have heard the term Y2K+5. It's the technology world's acronym for "It's time to upgrade your PCs." Most organizations have been holding on to aging PCs and their equally aging operating systems since Y2K. In the face of a tough economy, this may be understandable, but are you putting your company at risk by not making the switch to more up-to-date hardware and software?

In this article, we'll focus on the software side of operating system (OS) migration. OS migration is typically defined as the process of moving a user's computer (desktop or laptop) from one OS version to a more current one. As you're painfully aware, this also involves migrating users' personal settings, data and applications.

For more information on OS migration visit

Take Linux to the Next Level Web Seminar

You don’t have to be locked into UNIX. Find out what the experts are saying, what the users are doing and how an enterprise Linux solution from Novell can give you the freedom you didn’t think was possible. Register now this three-part Web seminar series and learn how to deploy Linux in your enterprise.

To find out when these will be held, what they are about, or to register, visit

Upgrade to Novell Open Enterprise Server Today

NetWare has been good to you. It's secure, reliable, and has been a cornerstone of your IT environment for years. Now it's time to upgrade to the next generation of NetWare® — Novell® Open Enterprise Server. For more information about OES, or additional opportunities, visit

Identity and Access Management - Secure Enterprise Dashboard

Agility—the ability to adapt quickly to new business demands and changing market conditions—is crucial to success in today’s fast-paced business environment. To gain the agility needed to make informed decisions on behalf of your organization, you need accurate, up-to-the-minute information about your business operations as well as information about your customers, service offerings, market trends and competition.

The Novell® secure enterprise dashboard solution—part of the Novell family of service-oriented architecture solutions—provides the answer. The solution gathers information from the dozens of different business systems across your enterprise, consolidates it and puts it at your fingertips in an intuitive format that’s customized to your role and responsibilities. So you have everything you need to make fast, informed decisions and support compliance with information disclosure regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley.

For more information visit

Novell ZENworks Asset Management

Novell® ZENworks® Asset Management integrates asset inventory, software usage and license reconciliation to provide the most complete, accurate view of software installations and license compliance available. The combination of hardware, software and purchasing data enables you to get a complete view of your IT assets. This ensures license compliance and eliminates software overspending. For more information on asset management visit

Identity and Access Management Solutions

With Novell identity and access management solutions, you can safeguard your systems and deliver the right resources to the right people—securely and efficiently.

For more information on Identity and Access Management Solutions, visit

VIRUS Warnings

To find more on virus protection, removal tools, or security advisories visit:


W32.Appfelt.A@mm is a mass-mailing worm that uses its own SMTP engine to send itself to all email addresses that it finds on the compromised computer.

For more information on this worm, visit


W32.Mytob.DA@mm is a mass-mailing worm that has back door capabilities and uses its own SMTP engine to send an email to addresses that it gathers from the compromised computer.

For more information on this worm, visit


W32.Mytob.CY@mm is a mass-mailing worm that has back door capabilities and uses its own SMTP engine to send an email to addresses that it gathers from the compromised computer.

For more information on this worm, visit


VBS.Ypsan.F@mm is a mass-mailing worm that sends itself to all email addresses gathered from the Windows Address Book and also spreads through file-sharing networks. The worm deletes several files, folders, and registry entries, and attempts to shut down the compromised computer. For more information on this worm, visit

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