Monday, June 06, 2005

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U.S. Health Department Signs Major Linux Deal With Novell

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has signed a multi-million-dollar, multi-year enterprise deal to use Linux and identity management products from Novell Inc., the vendor revealed on Tuesday.

The deal gives Health and Human Services employees unlimited access to a range of Novell products, but there's no plan to unseat Microsoft software.

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Hilton simplifies hotel IT systems

Hilton Hotels is standardising its IT environment to improve the efficiency of the business.

'What we are trying to do is solidify our infrastructure,' said Julian Daniel, director of infrastructure and technology at Hilton Hotels. 'I want to simplify what we have because that makes our infrastructure easier to manage.'

The hotel chain started its standardisation programme two years ago, when it installed an email system based on Novell Netware, running on 180 HP servers and 19,000 desktops.

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Novell Drives Linux Into Academia With Training and Technology

Novell has launched a new introductory Linux training course designed for academic environments.

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Windows can't kill Linux

In a recent column, Tom Yager provocatively declared, " Linux can't kill Windows.” Linux is just an OS, he said, whereas commercial offerings such as Windows and Mac OS X give developers a complete platform on which to build applications. His conclusion was that Linux will never be truly ready to compete for a seat at the big table.

He's wrong, of course.

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Best Enterprise Security Solution in the 2005 Codie Awards

Novell's Identity and Access Management product family has been honored as Best Enterprise Security Solution in the 2005 Codie Awards, which recognize outstanding achievement in the software industry. Novell® Identity Manager and Novell exteNd were also finalists in the 2005 Codie Awards for Best Security Product and Best Web Services Solution respectively, underscoring the strength of Novell solutions in these markets.

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Linux in Education: Novell Donates Over $1.5 Million in Software

"Novell is committed to promoting Linux at the high school and college levels," said Dan Veitkus, vice president, Novell Training Services, as Novell yesterday launched a new introductory Linux training course designed for academic environments, "Getting Started with Linux: Novell's Guide to CompTIA's Linux+" that gives educational institutions what he hopes will be a powerful new tool to promote open source training and providing students a new option for learning Linux.

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Penn Hills School District

Penn Hills School District (PHSD), located in Allegheny County near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, serves more than 6,000 students. The district encompasses eight educational institutions including six elementary schools, one middle school and one high school.

PHSD was struggling with many of the same issues facing school U.S. districts: shrinking Federal funding, a small IT staff and No Child Left Behind requirements. The district recognized the need for robust identity and access management to comply with the security and reporting regulations for the No Child Left Behind Act, requiring that schools track the progress of each student and provide regular updates to parents, teachers and administrators.

Implementing a secure identity management solution would allow PHSD to reduce IT administration time, make the most of existing technology, and give the right people the right access to confidential student information.

The district selected a Novell® Nsure™ solution consisting of Novell eDirectory™, Novell Nsure Identity Manager, Novell iChain® and BorderManager®. The district also uses NetWare® and Novell ZENworks® Desktop Management to manage its entire IT environment.

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MeritCare Health System

MeritCare Health System is the largest medical group practice in North Dakota with two main hospital facilities in Fargo that serve more than 2 million patients a year. With more than 44 locations, MeritCare is the largest private employer in the state with more than 6,200 employees.

For any healthcare organization, a reliable e-mail system that is available 24/7 is critical to maintaining user productivity and providing quality patient care. MeritCare had outgrown its Microsoft* Exchange e-mail system. Too many users on aging hardware also resulted in problems with performance and occasional virus attacks that would shut down the system. Restoring lost e-mail files was a cumbersome process, sometimes requiring several weeks.

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Allina Hospitals & Clinics

Allina Hospitals & Clinics (Allina) is a non-profit network of hospitals, clinics and other health care services, providing care throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin. With 22,000 employees, Allina owns and operates 11 hospitals, 42 clinics, hospice services, pharmacies, medical equipment and emergency medical transportation services.

With 14,000 workstations across 100 locations, Allina needed an efficient way to manage its complex and disparate environment. Specifically, the IT team wanted to automate application delivery across its entire enterprise, as technicians were spending far too much time traveling to individual sites to install new applications, without consistent results.

Inconsistent workstations also contributed to an increasing number of helpdesk calls, burdening the IT staff. A standardized environment would alleviate excessive calls by providing users with the same look and feel, regardless of location.

Allina runs a large Microsoft Windows* environment, as well as NetWare®, UNIX* and Linux*. The organization evaluated desktop management solutions from Microsoft and others before selecting Novell® ZENworks® Desktop Management to support its enterprise.

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Feedster is a rapidly growing search engine and advertising network for online content and weblogs published using RSS, a newly popular XML standard. Feedster indexes more than six million syndicated sources including 50,000 professionally published sources such as the New York Times, BBC, CNET, IDG and Wired. The company is adding over 50,000 new feeds daily.

For any Internet-based business, server performance and reliability are essential. Feedster had been running several free distributions of Linux*, but lacked vendor support when it encountered problems. The company was concerned about the costs of supporting its environment in the future, especially with the risks of unexpected downtime. With an increasing amount of data, the company also required more robust storage management solutions, but found that many were not well supported by free Linux distributions.

Feedster manages terabytes of data and decided to move its critical servers to the AMD Opteron* processor. As a result, the company wanted to migrate to a Linux distribution that would perform well on Opteron and take advantage of a 64-bit platform. Poised for rapid growth, the company wanted the confidence of a scalable, secure and supported Linux distribution.

After evaluating several Linux distributions, Feedster’s operations director selected SUSE® LINUX Enterprise Server as the preferred distribution for its AMD Opteron environment.

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