Monday, April 30, 2007

Novell loses Reverend Ted

Novell just lost one of its most visible and vocal advocates. Ted Haeger was the new voice of Open Source at Novell. Ted started Open Audio. I have been following his blogs and Open Audio with much interest. Even though Novell has lost Ted, we still have the opportunity to follow Reverend Ted and the Open Source movement. Ted has joined Bungee Labs, based in Orem UT.

Good luck Ted!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Microsoft planning to buy Novell

An internal memo leaked by an anonymous (and unhappy) management level worker at Novell shows an already ongoing plan whereby Microsoft will acquire Novell, by a stock transfer operation to take place in the next few months. Both companies have their legal teams working on the technicalities.

The memo shows that the merge will keep the SUSE trademark for all products. Internally MS has already prepared a team to maintain the product, and work on the merge process, says the 20 page document, that seems to have reached most high level executives of Novell and MS.

April Fools Hoax? Most definately! It was posted on April 1st Sunday. This post was partly responsible for a short rally on Monday, but by Tuesday, Novell was back down after a downgrade by Jefferies & Co.