Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving with Novell

Novell: What's there to be thankful for?

Article by Dave Kearns, Network World

"It's a good time to pause and reflect on what we - Novell users, Novell employees and (sadly, too many these days) former Novell employees - have to be thankful for."

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Happy Thanksgiving!
(I'm very thankful)
- Bucky (Former Novell Employee)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

eWeek Review - GroupWise 7 Retains Client Edge

With GroupWise 7.0, Novell Inc. has simplified information management for users, maintaining GroupWise's excellent pedigree as an enterprise-class messaging and collaboration application.

"eWEEK Labs' tests show that it delivers considerable value, particularly in the way the GroupWise client exposes the platform's excellent workflow tools without sacrificing ease of use and learning. The GroupWise family also includes GroupWise Messenger, an instant messaging server and client."

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"Like IBM's Lotus Notes and Microsoft's Exchange, Novell's GroupWise client/server architecture provides an excellent environment for managing collaboration on tasks and documents. Novell has done a good job of refining the user interface in this release of GroupWise, making information more accessible and easier to organize. Client support for Mac OS X and Linux operating systems sets GroupWise apart from its competition, as does support for both Outlook and Evolution clients."

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Monday, November 21, 2005

How to monitor bandwidth consumption

I came across this article that talks about a nifty tool called MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher). MRTG is a tool to monitor the traffic load on network-links. MRTG generates HTML pages containing graphical images which provide a LIVE visual representation of the traffic.

I've been onsite to companies using this cool tool and it's a great way to watch amd monitor your bandwidth consumption. Best of all... It's free! Well it's freely available under terms of the GNU General Public License. This tool works and operates on Windows, Linux, and yes... even NetWare servers!

- Bucky

Friday, November 18, 2005

Linux Marches On

"Step by step, the foundation underpining Linux just gets stronger and stronger."

1. Open Invention Network

2. Open Source Development Labs Patent Commons Reference Library

3. LPI announced 100,000 delivered Linux professional exams.

"Linux Torvalds once told me that Linux was like a flood that rises at a rate that you don't see if you're staring at it, but will surprise you if you haven't been paying attention. That's exactly what's happening."

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- Steve Hamm

Thursday, November 17, 2005

SuSE Linux 10 Step by step install

Installing SuSE Linux 10 couldn't be easier with this step by step Installation guide including screen shots.

First choose your download site here.

Next follow the SUSE Linux 10 Installation guide:

There. Very easy!

- Bucky

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Backup Exec Java Admin Console fails to connect

Here is another issue that I came across.

The Java Administration Console for Backup Exec 9.0/9.1 for NetWare Servers fails to connect to the media server and no error is displayed.

On July 27, 2005, the certificate for the Sun Java Cryptography Extension component that is included with the Backup Exec (tm) 9.0/9.1 for NetWare Servers product expired. After this certificate expires, the Backup Exec Java Administration Console stops when it attempts to connect to the media server, and cannot be used to manage the media server.

This issue is permanently resolved by applying the Backup Exec 9.0/9.1 for NetWare Servers - Java Administration Console JCE Update:

More information: This is related to one of my earlier posts from July.

Veritas Backup Exec Job doesn't start after changing password

I've been struggling with this issue. We had to change the Veritas Backup Exec for NetWare 9.1 backup user password. Since then the backup jobs don't even start. So.. I wrote a TID on this.


NetWare 6.5 SP2

Veritas Backup Exec for NetWare 9.1

No Veritas Support Document found for this solution.


Tried to start a backup job but the job failed since changing
the backup user password.
Backup Exec Log File from Job server: HLTCLX2
Could not connect to HLTCLX.NetWare File System/HLTCLX/SYS:.
The login credentials may be incorrect.
All selections for this device will be skipped.
Job completed: With ERROR - Could not connect to HLTLAK.NetWare File 
System/HLTLAK/Server Specific Info:.
The login credentials may be incorrect.
All selections for this device will be skipped.

On NetWare Console Screen received following errors:
7:00:50 pm: DS-10551.13-269
Severity = 1 Locus = 17 Class = 19
Intruder lock-out on account .backup.Admin.MyCompany

Change:Network Administrator UserID and Backup User ID password had to be changed.
After changing the password received the above errors.
Tried changing the password again, and was successful
logging into Backup Exec Administration Console.
However still received the above errors.

Cause:Backup Exec uses it’s own proprietary database as well
as the Novell eDirectory Database. Even though the password was
changed in eDirectory the password has to be the same on the
Backup Exec User Password Database.

Fix:How to delete the Backup Exec User Password Database and create
new users to match the eDirectory database

  1. Exit out of the Backup Exec Administration Console
  2. Type  :BESTOP  to halt Veritas Backup Exec at the NetWare Console
  3.  Map a drive to SYS:\BKUPEXEC\JOBDATA
  4. Rename the two files used for the User Password Database –   
    userpass.dat and userpass.idx
  5.  Type :BESTART at the NetWare server Console
  6.  Switch to the Backup Exec Administration Console and
    select Jobs : Backup Menu : Make Selections
  7. Press the Spacebar so all selections are highlighted in red.
    Press F2 and put in the userid and password that matches the userid used in eDirectory.  
    This will create and update new userpass database files for Backup Exec and NetWare.
  8. Check the SYS:\BKUPEXEC\JOBDATA directory and verify that there are new userpass.* files. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

NetWare Server Uptime Screen Shots - Cool!

Check out this Cool Solutions Article with these Novell NetWare Screenshots showing NetWare Uptime! NetWare can be such a workhorse!

Monday, November 14, 2005

How a Linux Distro Saved Hard Disk Data

Life in the trenches! This is a great feature of using Linux! I've done this before.

Our search-and-rescue expert is back to share how he recovered a master boot record and reclaimed lost data.

This article describes how, using a typical Linux distro (SuSE 8.0, in this case) it was possible to recover the master boot record and, with it, his friend's daughter's data.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Clarification on KDE and GNOME

In an earlier post, it was stated that Novell will now standardize on GNOME as the Desktop for all versions of SuSE Linux.
See my earlier POST

From the Novell PR Website - Novell SuSE Linux "will continue to ship with both the GNOME and KDE desktop environments. In upcoming versions of Novell enterprise applications, the default desktop environment will be GNOME. When customers install Novell Linux products, they will be given the option to choose either the GNOME or KDE environment during the installation process. If the user makes no explicit choice, GNOME will be installed."

See the full Novell PR Blog here.

So GNOME will be the new default. Presently GNOME is the default on Novell Linux Desktop, but on the SuSE Linux Professional and SLES9 the default is KDE. I guess this is no big deal, but to some Linux die-hards it's kind of like a big war. KDE vs GNOME!

I'm used to KDE on the Servers and GNOME as my desktop...

- Bucky

Friday, November 11, 2005

Helping Employees Get the Most out of Technology

Novell Cool Solutions Article:
Technology provides numerous benefits to organizations on many levels. Increased efficiency, faster processing, higher productivity, and improved profitability are just some of the rewards for those that accept and integrate improving technology. The biggest challenge for technology, especially the introduction of new office productivity software, is twofold. The first is management's concern of maximizing the use of the software to improve productivity, and the second is the continuous learning required for updates and upgrades of the existing software tools. Initially, every organization views their decision to invest in technology and software as a wise one. But technology becomes a challenge and obstacle for the organization when attempting to simply keep up with new features and competitive forces. As a result, the initial investment made is quickly perceived as an unnecessary expense.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

How does Linus Torvalds pronounce Linux?

How does Linus pronounce the word, "Linux"?
Click here to find out:

Teen Sex and the Linux Desktop

Blog from Nat Friedman of Novell:

"The [Linux desktop] has become a lot like teenage sex," Matthew Szulik, Red Hat CEO, said recently. "A lot of people are talking about it but not many people are doing it."

On September 15th The National Center for Health Statistics published a report with some handy graphs illustrating the incidence of sexual intercourse among teenaged Americans.

These graphs report that by age 19, 69% of American males and 77% of American females have had sexual intercourse. In fact, by age 17, about half of all teenagers have taken a ride on the wild elmo.

So, I don't know if Matthew has teenaged children or not, but if he does, I hope he's paying more attention to his Linux teams!

- Nat

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Gartner Report - Novell's Restructuring Offers Clearer View of Strategy

Recent announcements offer some clarity about how Novell intends to address the market. But the company must back up its stated strategy by offering further details on its intended direction for its products and services.

Gartner Report

Got Mac's? NetWare and Mac's just got easier!

Prosoft updates NetWare support for Apple Mac's
Check out Dave Kearns latest Novell Tips

This is a pure IP client - no AppleSoft needed (which all Novell-developed clients required). Nothing needs to be installed on the server - just load the new client on your Mac, and you can immediately connect to a NetWare 5.1 or higher server.

Among the features in this version of the client are:

* Support for files larger than 4G bytes on servers that are running NetWare 6 SP3 or later (NSS volumes only).

* NetWare Core Protocol packet signing for enhanced security.

* Directory mount-root support (allows a sub-directory on a volume to be mounted as if it were the root of the volume on the client), and the support of billions of volumes and directories.

* File system access control list support (for viewing trustee rights).

NetWare does ship with Native File Access for the Macintosh, but that uses Apple File Protocol for authentication not native NetWare authentication services, which have much stronger security.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Free Linux eBooks

Pssst. I have a secret place to download free Linux eBooks.

This is the benefit of keeping up with my blog site. Once in awhile you get information that will actually help you.

Keep reading... ;-)
- Bucky

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Document Your NetWare 6.5 Installation

From Novell Cool Solutions: Henny van der Ben shares a template he uses when installing NetWare 6.5. It walks you through the NetWare installation process and prompts you for your settings as you install it.

Download the Template File here

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Say it isn't so... Novell Denver Sales Office closing!

Novell is definately making some cutbacks! Besides me losing my job at Novell, I just heard today that the Novell Denver DTC Sales Office is now closed.

This is both good news and bad news. The good news is that Novell finally is making some tough decisions to cut costs and remain profitable. Novell Stock should go up which should please shareholders. We still have some very good talent with the Denver Sales Team and the Category Specialists - Mike, Bob, and David. We still will have the Novell Training and Advanced Technical Training, just not at the Novell Office.

For information on how to contact the Rocky Mountain Sales team contact Elaine Lawrence at 801-321-7345 or

I recommend subscribing to the Novell Colorado Announcements Listserver

The bad news is I'm not sure what type of marketing message this sends to customers in the Rocky Mountain Region.

- Bucky

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Creating a Windows Image that works on anything

This is a great article by Andrew White. I had to pass it on.

"This image "should" work on just about anything. We use it on everything from PIII340 up to the latest P4's, laptops and so far it's never failed to boot. You may need to have some drivers disks handy (sound and graphics are usually not found by default).