Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Say it isn't so... Novell Denver Sales Office closing!

Novell is definately making some cutbacks! Besides me losing my job at Novell, I just heard today that the Novell Denver DTC Sales Office is now closed.

This is both good news and bad news. The good news is that Novell finally is making some tough decisions to cut costs and remain profitable. Novell Stock should go up which should please shareholders. We still have some very good talent with the Denver Sales Team and the Category Specialists - Mike, Bob, and David. We still will have the Novell Training and Advanced Technical Training, just not at the Novell Office.

For information on how to contact the Rocky Mountain Sales team contact Elaine Lawrence at 801-321-7345 or

I recommend subscribing to the Novell Colorado Announcements Listserver

The bad news is I'm not sure what type of marketing message this sends to customers in the Rocky Mountain Region.

- Bucky


Anonymous said...

Messman needs to be axed! Cutting isn't the answer for Novell, thats just insane. Yes helps to improve the stocks ("options" more than prices)but only short term. Scaling down the indians does fix the issues. Almost verbatum when this occurrs the big winner is the weiner at the top who gets a big bonus right before retirement or moving on to another local!

Anonymous said...

Sorry meant it doesn't fix the issues