Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Got Mac's? NetWare and Mac's just got easier!

Prosoft updates NetWare support for Apple Mac's
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This is a pure IP client - no AppleSoft needed (which all Novell-developed clients required). Nothing needs to be installed on the server - just load the new client on your Mac, and you can immediately connect to a NetWare 5.1 or higher server.

Among the features in this version of the client are:

* Support for files larger than 4G bytes on servers that are running NetWare 6 SP3 or later (NSS volumes only).

* NetWare Core Protocol packet signing for enhanced security.

* Directory mount-root support (allows a sub-directory on a volume to be mounted as if it were the root of the volume on the client), and the support of billions of volumes and directories.

* File system access control list support (for viewing trustee rights).

NetWare does ship with Native File Access for the Macintosh, but that uses Apple File Protocol for authentication not native NetWare authentication services, which have much stronger security.

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