Saturday, November 12, 2005

Clarification on KDE and GNOME

In an earlier post, it was stated that Novell will now standardize on GNOME as the Desktop for all versions of SuSE Linux.
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From the Novell PR Website - Novell SuSE Linux "will continue to ship with both the GNOME and KDE desktop environments. In upcoming versions of Novell enterprise applications, the default desktop environment will be GNOME. When customers install Novell Linux products, they will be given the option to choose either the GNOME or KDE environment during the installation process. If the user makes no explicit choice, GNOME will be installed."

See the full Novell PR Blog here.

So GNOME will be the new default. Presently GNOME is the default on Novell Linux Desktop, but on the SuSE Linux Professional and SLES9 the default is KDE. I guess this is no big deal, but to some Linux die-hards it's kind of like a big war. KDE vs GNOME!

I'm used to KDE on the Servers and GNOME as my desktop...

- Bucky

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