Friday, August 05, 2005

Top Issues at Novell

Top Issues at Novell:

  • The Server Migration and Server Consolidation utilities have been merged into one product under the name Server Migration Consolidation Toolkit (SMCT). It is downloadable off the internet.

  • For customers running with IBM Blade servers, we have been seeing an issue where people will lose access to the keyboard for their server. Engineering is working on a version of CIOS.NLM to fix this.

  • Mac directories with a trailing period (.) have a sharing violation when backup programs try to back them up. The backup programs skip these files. The problem is that files with the trailing period are being incorrectly shared between namespaces. Watch for a new patch.

  • Watch for a new MM.NLM that fixes a performance issue on Mirrored NSS partitions. It will increase performance by 80 to 90 %.
  • Watch for a new PARTFIX.NLM utility. I have the latest utility if you need this. Just email me.
- Bucky

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