Monday, August 08, 2005

How to obtain a coredump from NetWare

Only force a coredump with system hangs at the worst moment of the hang.
To force a coredump in NetWare hold down these four keys:
SHIFT SHIFT ALT ESC and at the prompt type ".c "

Otherwise wait for the ABEND to happen but first prep the server:

1. Turn off ASR (Automatic System Recovery) in BIOS of server.
3. Follow TID 10083803

Coredump type? - - Choose 2
1) Full (all server memory)
2) Full w/o cache (all server memory except file cache)

Compress coredump? (compression will use less disk space, but is slower) -- Choose 1
1) Yes
2) No

4. Rename COREDUMP.IMG to COREBUCKY1.IMG (or something)
5. Send to Novell FTP Host and email Bucky or your Novell Support Person.

6. If possible email Bucky or your Novell Support Person a CONFIG.TXT report and ABEND.LOG file.



It is possible to automate the process of collecting a coredump by following TID 10076467 and using DBNET6.NLM and DIAG500.NLM which is included with NetWare 6.5 SP2 and later.

Here is an example of a coredump.ncf file:
set auto restart after abend = 0
set cpu hot timeout amount = 0
unload diag500
?load dbnet6
?load diag500 -AUTODUMP -COMPRESS -d NETWORK -h
#on remote server, load imghost vol2: (volume sys: is default)

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Minor corrections:
set cpu hog timeout amount = 0