Thursday, August 18, 2005

How to patch SLES9 and OES Linux

Knowing how to correctly update your Novell/SUSE Linux system is crucial in keeping the system healthy and up to date. Different distributions use different update technologies to provide updates.

Guide to patching Novell / SUSE Linux Distributions

  • Novell Open Enterprise Server
OES is updated using Red Carpet/rug. YaST Online Update is not used to update OES.

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
SLES is updated officially using YaST Online Update (YOU). In order to update via YOU, a current maintenance contract is required.

Access to updates via YOU is gained through the SUSE Portal at SUSE Portal accounts can be created for free off the Portal home page. Once an account is created, products can be activated by clicking the Manage Registrations link.

YOU is run by starting YaST and then selecting Software > Online Update.
  • Novell Linux Small Business Suite 9
NLSBS is updated using Red Carpet/rug. Inside of Red Carpet/rug, apply updates to keep the system current.
  • Novell Linux Desktop 9
NLD 9 is updated with Red Carpet/rug using the update functionality.

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The URL for OES updates is

To see if the OES service is already added, enter rug service-list at the terminal.

If the OES service isn't present, add it with rug sa

See TID 10097537 (rug / Red Capet FAQ) for more information on Patching OES linux with rug.

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