Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Use iMonitor instead for eDirectory Health Checks

iMonitor is the preferred tool to check the health of eDirectory. iMonitor is a browser based utility that has it's own http stack on the server. Since eDirectory runs on many platforms, it is in our best interest to become familiar with this valuable tool.

Yes, I still use DSREPAIR to do a quick check on Synchronization, but what if I need a check on Linux?

To access iMonitor, perform the following steps:

  1. First ensure that the iMonitor executable is running on the eDirectory server. (NDSIMON.NLM on NetWare, ndsimonitor on Linux)
  2. Open your Web browser.
  3. In the address (URL) field, enter:


For example:

Useful Documents on running iMonitor:
  1. iMonitor Basics
  2. More iMonitor Basics
  3. Using iMonitor for eDirectory Health Checks
  4. Using iMonitor for Advanced Troubleshooting
  5. iMonitor in-depth
  6. iMonitor on Linux with eDirectory
- Bucky

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