Thursday, July 21, 2005

Urgent - eDir has been withdrawn

eDirectory or edir8736.exe has been withdrawn from the download site due to an issue that could lead to a loss of data in the eDirectory Database.

If you have not upgraded to IR6, Novell currently recommends that you wait for eDirectory 8.7.3 SP7. That patch will have a fix for this problem. Contact me if you're interested in the Field Test Patch before it goes public.

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More details:
There's a defect that could potentially lead to database corruption. I want to stress that NO customers have experienced corruption to date. In order to experience corruption, a customer would have to meet the following conditions:

1. They would need to have ten thousand or move values on an entry. Moreover, the problem is only with certain attributes. The attributes are the following:

Inherited ACL
Facsimile Telephone Number
EMail Address
Postal Address
Telephone Number
Network Address
Transitive Vector

2. The customer would have to run a database repair and disable the "Database Structure Check'.

Is there a way to test for the high values on an entry? Yes there are two ways.

1. Use LDAP - see TID 10098331

2. Use DSBROWSE -CV See TID 10081054

The possibility of entries being incorrectly removed was the reason that eDirectory 8.7.3 IR6 was removed from the public download site.

If you have eDirectory 8.7.3 IR6 installed and entries that meet the error condition, it's possible that a DS Repair could incorrectly remove these problematic entries. If you have IR6 installed, you should take the following precautions:

  • Do not disable the "Database Structure Check" option. If you have problematic entries and leave this enabled, you'll get -150 errors in DS Repair. The entries will not be removed.
  • Make sure to enable the option to use a "Temporary NDS Database" during the repair. If you see messages in the log about entries being purged, do not save the change
  • Test for high values on an entry using LDAP or DSBROWSE -CV9000
- Bucky

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