Friday, October 28, 2005

Troubleshooting iManager on NetWare

I've received a few calls where iManager 2.02 doesn't work when accessing it through the browser.


For iManager to install and work properly, the following items must be functioning on the server.

See the full troubleshooting steps in TID 10090732

1. SSL (Server Certificates)
2. LDAP over SSL
3. Tomcat
4. Apache

You shouldn't troubleshoot Tomcat or Apache, until you verify that SSL and LDAP is working correctly.
I'm going to add some quick hints.

1. Check for Server Certificates
In ConsoleOne verify the following certificate objects exist in the same context as Server1.
SAS Service - Server1
SSL CertificateIP - Server1
SSL CertificateDNS - Server1
Download PKIDIAG from the Novell Support Site: Search on PKIDIAG.NLM

2. LDAP over SSL
Check the LDAP Server and LDAP Group Object.
Download an LDAP Browser to check correct connection.
Verify that ports 389 and 636 are open on the server. Unload NLDAP and reload NLDAP and check that the SAL nlm's autoload with NLDAP.
load DSTRACE.NLM and use the ldap filter. (See TID 10059954, LDAP Article)

Once you can connect with the LDAP browser over authenticated SSL you're ready to check if TOMCAT is loading properly.

3. Verify that Tomcat is loading properly

Troubleshooting Tomcat consists of loading TOMCAT4 and viewing the logger screen for errors.

To stop Tomcat type at the server console TC4STOP. Wait about a minute and then type TOMCAT4. Tomcat will take two to three minutes to complete loading. When done the following line should appear on the Logger screen.

INFO: JK2: ajp13 listening on /

If you do not see the ajp13 listening on port 9010 message, then Tomcat is not loading properly or is still in the process of coming up.

4. Verify that Apache is loading properly

Verify the Apache Server is running. On NetWare 6.5 it will show up as a screen labeled "Apache 2.0.4x for NetWare". You can also go into TCPCON and verify that ports 80 and 443 are listening. To stop the Apache web server on NetWare 6.5 is AP2WEBDN and then AP2WEBUP.

Verify there is an INCLUDE statement the same as below.

Include sys:/tomcat/4/conf/nps-Apache.conf

Also you may want to check that NILE.NLM is loaded in the correct order and is in fact loading correctly.

More info:
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