Monday, October 31, 2005

iManager 2.5 Configuration - Cool Solutions

Check out this new Cool Solutions Article on iManager 2.5

iManager is designed for both end users and administrators. The common experience for both these types of users is logging on to a web site and having the proper identity, authentication and security provided via eDirectory.

For the end user, the Console interface shows specific tasks, such as creating users, changing passwords, and various other delegated tasks.

For the administrator, the Console interface shows additional specific tasks, such as setting up groups, defining Roles and Tasks, and directory-specific administration tasks.

Summary of Customer Benefits

Here are some of the customer benefits that Novell iManager provides:

  • Strengthens the business value of Novell products and solutions by providing a unified management interface
  • Reduces customer barriers to adoption of Novell products and solutions
  • Reduces customer administration and training costs via a web-based access to network resources
  • Increases overall console quality via focused effort
  • Developer-friendly - administration interfaces can be easily created, with little or no development experience
  • Flexible - it goes beyond Novell-only usage, and it provides support for partner offerings

Other value propositions for iManager include:

  • Role based services for delegation of administrative tasks
  • Object selector
  • Common look and feel
  • Multi-platform installation of a web environment
  • Leveraged Authentication
  • Localization
  • Model-view-controller architecture
  • Easy plug-in deployment

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