Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Novell and Citrix Joining Forces for Virtualization?

I've been hearing rumours that Novell and Citrix are going to be joining forces on the Virtualization Front. Now I read about it today. Red Hat has a KVM Hypervisor, Microsoft has Hyper-V, and there is VMware. Citrix has the XENServer 5.5 freebie. Novell has XEN Hypervisor code in SLES 10 and 11.

Take a look at this article in "The Register"

"I would guess that it won't be long before we hear of a Novell and Citrix announcement debuting Citrix Essentials for SUSE Linux and that Novell - which still does not have a profitable Linux business and cannot afford to code its own standalone hypervisor - has endorsed the XenServer 5.5 hypervisor as its own standalone product."

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