Thursday, May 07, 2009

GroupWise Roadmap

Dean Lythgoe recently updated his blog with a GroupWise Roadmap:

Dean's Blog

Hot Patches: We will be releasing within the next week or so a new Hot Patch for both GroupWise 7 and GroupWise 8. Please watch for this announcement. The patch is in final validation and we are working on a just a few details. This will be 7.0.3 HP3 and 8.0.0 HP2.

GroupWise 8.0.1: We will be in extended authorized beta in June and we plan to release at the end of the summer. September is the target. Everything appears to be on track and all quality metrics indicate a very solid, reliable release.

GMS/Mobility: We recently released GMS 3.0.1 for Linux. Nokia and Novell will continue to provide fixes and updates to GMS throughout the support contract. We are currently planning a GMS 3.0.2. A schedule has not yet been published.

Many of you are waiting for an announcement about the next generation mobility solution. We have stated that it will be based on the ActiveSync protocol and will include support for the iPhone. Product Marketing is handling these communications. I can't say more at this time - but I am very happy about how things are shaping up! :) Several members of my engineering team are involved and actively working on this and related integrations.

Teaming (Boulder): We are preparing for Authorized BETA 3 - scheduled for May 13th. The beta sites have been extremely enthusiastic about Boulder and its much improved UI and performance. Public beta is scheduled for June and expectations are very high. Final shipment is scheduled for mid-Summer - or around July/August. We will also be enhancing integrations between GroupWise and Teaming. These include the synchronization of appointments and tasks. We expect to deliver those integrations around the same time as the 8.0.1 and Boulder releases.
We have over 60 beta sites and active participation each week. Kablink is in full swing with over 1100 downloads of Teaming so far. Check out to see the very latest open source activity and help contribute to our Teaming product!!

Conferencing (Bristol): Real time collaboration is a very hot topic and one that has huge potential. The Bristol schedule is still slightly in flux, but engineering is making good progress in each 'sprint' of its Agile process. Product Marketing is evaluating options and providing needed market and financial perspectives. The plan is to have a real-time collaboration solution/update later this year.

Server Migration Utility: Version 1.1 shipped yesterday. It is now live and available on It includes support for GW8, bug fixes, usability improvements and additional documentation refinements. It can be used to migrate from one server to another - when a new server is added to your system - or to migrate from one server OS to when all of you UPGRADE to Linux!!!

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