Tuesday, March 13, 2007

GWAVA - You rock!

GWAVA just announced today that they are going to start taking Novell GroupWise Support calls. This is a great thing for Novell and GroupWise. GWAVA centers their business around GroupWise. Their business is GroupWise! I think Novell should just let GWAVA buy their GroupWise business. We should just call it GWAVA GroupWise!

Read the Press Release -


Richard Bliss said...


Thanks for the enthusiastic endorsement for GWAVA. We are doing our best to keep GroupWise customers happy and it is nice to see when it is appreciated. Keep up the good work yourself.

Anonymous said...

hi bucky

you're right gwava is a groupwise in-groupwise out company, but letting gwava run groupwise wouldn't be the best for groupwise, not to mention all customers that run third party products other than gwava ;-)

gert /