Monday, March 20, 2006

Brainshare Keynote Notes Monday

Jack Messman, Ron Hovsepian and Jeff Jaffe spoke at Monday's Brainshare Keynote Address. Although I won't be attending this year, I watched the live webcast.

Novell Keynote Replay

Here are some of my notes:Highlights of Brainshare Keynote 3-20-06

"Software for the Open Enterprise"
* GroupWise Mobile Server - powered by Intellisync
* Blackberry for GroupWise Quick Start Offer
* Novell Open Workgroup SuiteIncludes Server and Desktop Bundle
GW, ZEN, OES - Server
OpenOffice, Linux Desktop - Client
More on Keynote Wednesday

* SLES10 - Platform for the Open Enterprise
* SLED10
* Novel ZENworks 7 Linux Management - Dell Edition - Biggest Announcement
* GroupWise Support for next 10 years
* Novell NetWare is supported at least through 2015.
Messman touched on the company's plans for its Open Enterprise Server. Drawing cheers from attendees, he said that Novell will extend support for Netware.
Quote: "We will support Netware at least through 2015," Messman said. "We will support Netware 6.5 for as long as customers want to support it. If you want to continue to run on Netware, I would encourage you to upgrade to 6.5."

* Virtualization on SLES10 - One click from YAST to create a virtual server
Installed and configured a Virtual Machine quickly and easy with minimal clicks

Virtualization gives you High Availability and Security. Get more out of your Hardware.
Linux Application Security - Novell AppArmor

Clustering - Virtualization Clustering
Hith Availability - Cluster physical and virtual

Don't forget to check out the Novell Brainshare videos

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