Monday, January 02, 2006

SuSE Linux 10 Customer Reviews

I was on today looking for new Novell / Linux Books and came across product reviews from customers of SuSE Linux 10.

I've heard nothing but excellent reviews but if you want to see for yourself, check these reviews out.

One example:
"I am a computer systems engineer by profession and I work with many different computer systems. About 3 years ago I became involved with Linux. I have used or tried just about every Linux distro available. But I must say that SUSE Linux 10 is, in my opinion anyway, the best available. It's the easiest to set up, the easiest to use, the easiest to administer and has more applications included then you could ever want. To me, this distro definitely gives Microsnot a run for its money.

If you're new to Linux or just want to try it out, get SUSE Linux 10: you'll be glad you did."
- Richard G Brock, Hartford CT

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